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About Us

The Story of the Prescott Ranch


In 1981, Gary and Patti Prescott bought the ranch sight unseen. Yep, Gary found a very small ad in the San Antonio newspaper that simply stated, “Ranch for Sale, Western Motif. Approximately 125 acres., Blanco County and a phone number.” The inquiry call was made and Gary sent his office manager to capture photographs of the property. The deal was made that very day, a property purchased sight unseen until after closing - and what a great piece of heaven they ended up with.

The Prescotts have two sons, Clayton and Clinton, who were ages 1 and 2 at the time of purchase, so naturally, the boys grew up on the ranch. Every single weekend it wasn’t, “What are we doing this weekend?” it was, “How soon can we get there?” Each evening, the Prescott’s would drive to the ranch from San Antonio to throw out deer corn and catfish feed. If you’ve never witnessed a catfish feed, you’re missing out. The Prescott boys, their cousins, and their friends walked every inch of the property while growing up. From building forts and hideouts to hunting snakes, skipping rocks, and campouts. One of the favorite spots on the ranch is a secret and it's called “top of the hill.” It is the highest point on the ranch and is a life-changing experience. It’s an amazing spot for sunsets or just sitting and overlooking the gorgeous hill country. 

      Throughout the years, hayrides, live music, weddings, family gatherings, and other events have been hosted at the Prescott Ranch, which created great memories for all. Now, The family is excited for others to make their own memories and enjoy the wide-open spaces that the Prescott Ranch has to offer.