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Prescott Ranch - Homepage

Things To Do

Nearby Locations:

Austin/San Antonio-1 hr away

Luckenbach- 30 mins

Fredericksburg-45 mins

Blanco State Park-10 mins

Albert Ice House - 20 mins 


Things to do:

Vaaler Creek Golf Club-15 mins 

Hill Country Lavender Farm-20 mins

Gillen's Candies + Wine-10mins

Travis P Trail Rides-15 mins



Redbud Cafe, 4th St-8 mins

Old 300 Bbq, 4th St-8 mins

Chess Club Cafe, U.S. 281-10 mins

Josie’s Kitchen, Main St-10 mins

The Fairview (Speciality Coffee Shop and Pastries)

Texas Cannon Brewing Company

OroBianco Italian Creamery 



Drinking Spots:

Esperanza Winery, Main St, 8 mins

Old Ironhouse Saloon, Chandler St-10 mins

Milam & Greene Whiskey Distillery & Tasting Room

Andalusia Whiskey Co, U.S. 281-10 mins

Real Ale Brewing Co-San Saba Court-10mins


Grocery Store:

Lowe’s Market, 111 Blanco, Ave-10 mins


Liquor Store:

Hill Country Liquor, Main St-8 mins



Blanco Regional Clinic, 4th St-8 mins

Physicians Premier Emergency Room-20475 Hwy 46, Spring Branch, TX-30 mins